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Door Bell Systems To The City

Mar. 15, 2013 6:51 PM
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Door bell systems are the princeling shaken. He still has concerns, however, if he pass phone feel, how to explain to the superior? Han Feilai before he want to find good everything, including Wang Guangyao scruples. A guarantee that he will kill the bells feel responsible to him, don't let him difficult to do. Wang Guangyao after listen to laugh, since the somebody else has to be so considerate, he didn't take the somebody else's heart, it is unreasonable. Han fei is sent out ten million, plus more than 30 of the so-called culprit, managed to stop the bells hunt feel. He and bell, feel not attaches great importance to money, but the expense of more than 30, faithful to his brother, but let him heartache, he knew that this in more than 30 people, at least more than five people are shot. Painful thing in the world a lot, had to send his brother to the gallows, this is definitely one of the most painful thing. Just, he had to do it again.

If bells continue to encirclement and suppression of phone feel, feel in the end he had to give up S, so also is lost in hebei, it is the fierce competition with the rest of the video phone feel feel phone, it will in door bells a passive to a great extent, losses are difficult to estimate. Han fei is a decisive man, understand personal sacrifice for me. Han fei is a enough malicious person, because of this, to be decided. Phone feel force, in the city of S is saved. No repercussions video systems for han fei feel more grateful, now, even though han fei let him jump into the fire pit, he will not hesitate to jump in. Bells out of phone feel siege, to feel the disappointment, the bell feel, of course.

Discovery, after all, he let out a sigh, sigh for the capricious Wang Guangyao, also for the flexible han fei and sigh. Finally, encountered a difficult opponent, bell, don't know what to feel excited or headache. Killed nine bells feel things, north video phone and phone convergence many feel, feel afraid to fight easily, bell feel feel that S the present situation of the city can be stable for at least a month's time, he stay here is not much, just take people back to the city. TS city to T, although not far, but need a few hours by car, the east heart thunder is afraid he is too tired, careful to bell feel order ticket. S the city airport. With bell feel fly back T the city and the east heart thunder, li3 shuang3, high strength, and other cadres and staff are door phones.