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Wolf Gemora: A couple of questions.

Nov. 24, 2008 12:47 PM
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1.  How are you and what have you been busy with?  I learned from Basti that you aren't the drummer on "Villains" and that Locomotiv has disbanded, so what happened how come you aren't part of the album?

I'm doing alright.  I haven't been active with anything musically for awhile now.  Lokomotiv has already broken up since last year.  It was financially too hard to keep the band going after the Philippine tour and I personally was having a hard time adjusting to playing in half-empty bars in L.A. again after having a successful tour and playing to big crowds in Manila and the provinces.  I've been playing drums with live bands for 20 years already and I had to take a break from everything and slow things down.  I still pound the skins in my garage to keep from getting rusty.

I did not play drums on the upcoming WG album.  They (Manuel, Basti & Mon) started planning this project after the 'Alive' shows in '07 and Lokomotiv was my main priority at the time.  I don't think I would have been much help either since I was mentally and emotionally drained to work in two very different and very intense bands.

2.  Im not too familiar with your relationship with the rest of Wolfgang but im assuming you guys are all still friends, any chance
you'll be playing drums with them this december being that you're all going to be here?

Yes, we're friends.  I won't be part of the shows in December since I wasn't part of the project from the start.  It would be unfair to the rest of the guys if I just forced my way back in without having been part of the long and challenging process to produce that album. I give them my full support, though.  It's still a Wolfgang release and I am part of that legacy.

3.  The "Alive" concert was quite a success, why weren't you a part of it?

I had to prioritize Lokomotiv at the time because the Lokomotiv tour was the main reason I was in the Philippines.  I also had a nagging fear that if I did the WG shows, Lokomotiv would not have been taken seriously by the rock fans because of the enormity and publicity of a Wolfgang reunion.  It was a hard decision to make.

4.  Are you familiar with Wolfgang's other plans and will you be working with them in the future?

I think they're gonna do a couple of shows to promote the new album.  It would be great to work with them again, of course.  We've been on different paths for the past two years.  Hopefully, our paths will meet again.  I miss playing the Wolfgang stuff with the guys and I miss playing for the fans.  Maybe 2009 will be the year. ;)

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