mobiuslive is about music, lyrics, videos, blogs, top bands and artists

mobiuslive is for browsing music. To listen to what your friends like—or make a connection with a complete stranger who listens to the same kinda stuff you do—and since you think you’re cool, then everyone who agrees with you is kinda cool too.

mobiuslive is about helping you create charts, and write your own reviews. You don’t hold back. You say what you think (you get flagged by your fellow members anyway if you get overboard). You don’t just listen here—you HAVE to talk back too or there’s no point to all this. This is Web 2.0! The disestablishmentarianism of the Internet era. This is your place just as much as anyone’s. Don’t be a wuss and claim it.

mobiuslive is about bulletin boards, polls, picture galleries, blogs, lyrics, videos, hot searing shawarma sauce tidbit and video clips about the top bands you like—or the ones you’ve never heard before that are so cool you’ll piss your pants listening to them play. Ok, we’re kidding about pissing your pants but we’re serious about the music.

mobiuslive is about listening to other people’s playlist—this is accessible on their profiles. Music is a huge part in defining who people are and is one of the best indicators of whether you’ll get along IRL. Music is always driven by passion, by life’s odds and ends. It’s a soundtrack to how good you have it—or when you’re so lost you’ve forgotten your middle name. It says what you mean when you really mean it. You get to post your own Playlist for other people to listen to. Isn’t that pretty cool?

mobiuslive is all about expression in music. One of the coolest things you can do here is to support the artist by legitimately paying for tracks you get from them. It’s a very small price to pay. It’s almost as cheapo as those rip-off cd’s you’ll find in a pirated shop and in much clearer versions than the sucky rips you get at limewire. If you really like the artist or top bands, they deserve your support. Supporting them means they can continue cranking out the stuff that plays alongside your game, or while you drive during Sundays on a clear freeway. Their music has kept you company on those long bus rides or during parties where you kick off at a friend’s house. You sing their songs in your head and all you gotta do is show them a little thanks by paying as much as you would a 2-minute phonecall on your cell. We’re not gonna play good cop by asking you to do the right thing—but just give the artists a break. If you don’t, they lose out—and so do you.

mobiuslive is about putting people together. I know—it’s been done before. Friendster, MySpace, ten million other websites do it so well that you’re asking why we’re even trying. It’s because we think connections through Music is real. And these connections translate into your real life as much as it would in any virtual sense. We want a true community of friends who share the same passion, not a bunch of strangers and faces belonging to people who just aren’t real. At least that’s the idea. And everything in this—is all member-contributed. Think of it as a hang-out, another way to communicate, a place where you can be yourself and share that comfort with others. To have something in common—that’s the key. When you’re around the context of an intellectual and emotional medium like Music, you’d truly feel free.